CWIP Mentorship Program

CWIP Mentorship: A Great Members’ Resource

Dear members, 

Thank you for your interest in the mentorship program. The one-on-one mentoring program is on hold for the 2021-2022 programming year until further notice. Please check and contribute to our discussions on the mentorship forum or start new topics.  For any questions regarding the mentorship please email us at 

What is the CWIP mentorship program?

The Mentorship Program is a CWIP members-only benefit that connects members seeking guidance or advice to other members or professionals who will mentor them for four months. It is a program that promotes forging professional relationships in the publishing industry and helps to create an inclusive experience within CWIP’s community.

How does the mentorship work?

This special program is based on matching a limited number of applicants, usually a maximum of ten, with a mentor who has experience in their area of interest. The program would not be possible without the availability of mentors. Most of the mentors who volunteer are CWIP members who kindly make themselves available to share their time and experience during the winter months. Occasionally, the mentorship committee will reach out to potential mentors in the Chicago publishing network to try and ensure a match for a specific area of expertise.

In December, the mentorship committee reviews the applications for selection. CWIP mentors and mentees are matched based on the goals of the mentees and the expertise of the mentors. From January through April, each pair mutually arranges to meet virtually or in-person to discuss and follow-up on the goals that the mentee defined in their application. Ideally, meetings take place once or twice a month during the four-month process.

Mentee applications are accepted from November 1 through December 5. You can complete the application here.

What events are part of the Mentorship programs?

Meetups: To mark the opening of the program, the mentorship committee organizes a virtual or in-person meetup where all participants can introduce themselves.

Spring Reception: All mentorship participants meetup again at the CWIP Spring Reception to conclude the program and recognize the mentors.

In addition, mentorship participants can join the CWIP Mentorship Group in our members-only online forum at (located in Member Access, which is accessible after logging in), giving them direct access to both mentors and mentees at any time.

CWIP's Publishing Resources is also helpful for members looking for employment, education, publishing info and book sales info, organizations and associations, publishing tools, and a list of some publishing annual events.

Who can participate in the program?


Members applying to the mentorship program have a variety of backgrounds and goals pertaining to the vast field of publishing. Some are new graduates seeking guidance and counseling to break into the industry, while others are transitioning careers or directions within their established career track. Whether one is trying to launch a freelance business or looking to learn about a specific specialization in editing, writing, or self-publishing, a personal connection to an experienced mentor can offer guidance as well as validation of their work.

Mentees benefit from advice about their goals, projects, or career direction as well as from the connection to an experienced person in the publishing network. A mentee should have a clear idea of their goal or the objective they are seeking to work on as they complete their application. They must be ready to dedicate the time needed to participate and show up on time to their scheduled meetings with their designated mentor. You can complete the application here.


Mentors are the backbone of any mentoring program. They play an important role in shaping the publishing industry by guiding newcomers into this important field. Mentors are usually self-motivated to share their experience and guide others. However, the experience is mutually beneficial and rewarding. In addition to the personal sense of reward, mentors also benefit by developing their mentoring and leadership experience, expanding their network, and exploring new ideas brought by their mentees.

CWIP mentors also receive recognition in the CWIP newsletter and the CWIP blog and will be also thanked at the annual Spring Reception.

The Mentorship Committee is always looking to build up their list of mentor candidates in a variety of areas. Everyone has experience they can offer at any level of a career. If you are available to volunteer virtually or in-person to help a colleague, please complete the Mentor information form here.

For any questions, contact:

Mentorship director, Nada Sneige Fuleihan

Mentorship co-director, Bernadette Fortuna