2017 CWIP Publishing Fair: Event Recap and Testimonials

By Mary Cecilia Nolan on Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Networking, socializing and learning about Chicago’s publishing industry at CWIP’s Publishing Fair.

Chicago Women in Publishing’s 2017 Publishing Fair was a great success this year with a wide variety of exhibitors and attendees. Our new location at Roosevelt University’s Congress Lounge was much larger than previous years and their catering options were delicious. It was a night of networking, socializing, and gaining resources and exposure for many. Plus, there was some really fabulous swag from tote bags, to bark pens, to Chicago Manual of Style buttons to eyeglass cleaning cloths and more.

Don’t take my word for it, read below for testimonials from exhibitors and hear what they had to say about the smashing success that was this year’s CWIP Publishing Fair.

  • From Rebecca Chauncey, Chicago Chapter President, Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS) 
    “The CWIP Publishing Fair was wonderful! The venue was perfect. I also enjoyed connecting with fellow exhibitors and guests. Continue the great work, CWIP Team!”
  • From Eric Houghton, Graduate Student, DePaul University 

    "Our table at the 2017 CWIP Publishing Fair provided us a great way to spread the word about our MA in Writing and Publishing. We connected with people across the spectrum of publishing, many who didn’t know DePaul offered this degree. At one point, the event staff helped us relocate our table to a more heavily trafficked part of the event, which helped us talk to many more attendees. We appreciated the consideration and professionalism of everyone involved in putting the fair together."

  • From Erin Wright, Co-coordinator Chicago Chapter, EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association) 

    “The CWIP Publishing Fair was a great opportunity for the Editorial Freelancers Association to share what it has to offer with an enthusiastic audience. Plus, it gave us the chance to learn more about the types of editorial skills that individuals and other organizations are looking for.”

  • From Meghan McDevitt, Treasurer, ISMTE (International Society of Managing & Technical Editors) 

    “This was my first CWIP Publishing Fair and I found it to be a great event. The variety of exhibitors and attendees provided something for everyone in the publishing industry from undergraduates to seasoned professionals. The Publishing Fair was the perfect opportunity to meet and network with like-minded professionals in the Chicago area.”

  • From Laura Stigler, President, IWOC (Independent Writers of Chicago) 

    “Although this wasn’t the first time that Independent Writers of Chicago exhibited at the CWIP Publishing Fair, it was the first time I attended the event to staff our table. And am I glad I did! At this "one-stop-shop," I was able to meet and schmooze with professionals from a smorgasbord of fields and interests—all writer-related. I had many fruitful, fun conversations that have opened the doors in ways that I know will be mutually beneficial. Thank you, CWIP! We look forward to attending next year.”

  • From Marci Rolnik Walker, Legal Director, LCA (Lawyers for the Creative Arts) 

    “Chicago Women in Publishing is a fantastic organization and Lawyers for the Creative Arts is pleased to provide pro bono legal help and partner with you in educational programs for all facets of the literary and publishing sector. Thank you for including us in your event. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

  • From Mary Hutchings Reed, LCA Board Member, LCA (Lawyers for the Creative Arts) 

    “Thank you, CWIP, for this great opportunity to network with dynamic members of Chicago’s writing and publishing community. Lawyers for the Creative Arts is always eager to meet people dedicated to their art, and to help them navigate the business of publishing and sharing their work.”

  • From Lissy Peace, President and Owner,Lissy Peace & Associates 
    “The CWIP Publishing Fair was a great place to learn about getting your book published. Our company does book marketing and we had many wonderful conversations with guests. Thank you for the invite CWIP.”
  • From Greta Bennion, Marketing Manager,Northwestern University Press 
    “The CWIP annual publishing fair is a wonderful way to connect and network with other local professionals and companies in the publishing industry. Not to mention, it is always a great time! CWIP is also just a great pleasure to work with. We are grateful to be apart of this fantastic event, and we look forward to exhibiting again in the future.”
  • From Ruth Kaufman, Author of 5 novels including My Life as an Extra, Ruth Kaufman–Author & Self-Publishing Coach 

    "The 2017 CWIP Publishing Fair was a great way to network with publishing industry professionals and readers and visit a great variety of exhibitors."

  • From Andrea Douthard, Recruitment & Admissions Specialist, The University of Chicago Graham School 

    “The annual Publishing Fair hosted by Chicago Women in Publishing was the most well-planned event I’ve attended. An impressive amount of publishing professionals were in attendance. I was equally fascinated with the amount of authors with editing experience yet still strived for continuous education. This is an event I will be sure to attend every year.”

  • From Carol Saller, Editor of the Chicago Manual of Style Online’s Q&A, The University of Chicago Press 

    "We were pleased that we were able to participate in this year's CWIP fair. It gave us the chance to answer questions from people hoping to break in to publishing and also to talk to other publishers. I saw a lot of very helpful information being exchanged!"

We hope our attendees learned a lot from this event and made contacts in Chicago’s publishing industry. We hope to see these exhibitors and more at next year’s CWIP Publishing Fair!


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