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November 2013
»Mentoring Program: Speed Networking

May 2013
»May: Author Reading by Joe Meno

March 2013
»March: Corporate Communications

February 2013
»February: The Freelance Edge

January 2013
»January: Pitch Writing

December 2012
»December: Holiday Party

November 2012
»November: Writing for the Web

October 2012
»October: LinkedIn Strategies Panel

September 2012
»Fall Kickoff with Publishing Entrepreneur Randi Brill

May 2012
»May: An Evening with Author Erica O'Rourke

April 2012
»April: Leadership and Your Professional Presence

March 2012
»March: Project Management for Publishing Professionals

February 2012
»February: The Freelance Edge

January 2012
»January: Social Media for Publishing Professionals

December 2011
»December: Your Personal Chicago Manual of Style

November 2011
»November: Foot in the Editor's Door

October 2011
»October: Speed Networking

September 2011
»Fall Kickoff: Look to the Future with CWIP

June 2011
»Open Books Closes the Learning Gap
»Give. Gain. Grow: CWIP Says "Thank You" to all its Volunteers (Spring Reception Program)

May 2011
»May: Indie Publishing in Chicago

March 2011
»March: Investigative Reporting

February 2011
»February: The Freelance Edge

January 2011
»January: Editing by the Book

November 2010
»November: ePublishing and You

October 2010
»October: Networking in the 21st Century

September 2010
»Fall Kickoff: A New Year, A New You with Kathleen Welton

May 2010
»Writing Fiction in Real Life

April 2010
»What's Unique About Association Publishing?

March 2010
»Get Hungry with Food Journalism

February 2010
»Gain Some Web Site Insights

January 2010
»Check Up On The Condition of Medical Publishing Today

November 2009
»Stand Up Straight and Network With a Purpose

October 2009
» October Program: Navigating Web 2.0

September 2009
» Fall Kickoff: Map Your Future with Joyce McGreevy

June 2009
» Networking Just Around the Corner
» You Can Manage the Design Process!
» Culturally Centered: CWIP at the Creative Chicago Expo

May 2009
» May Program: Rule 53: Capturing Hippies, Spies, Politicians, and Murderers in an American Courtroom

April 2009
» April Program: Green Publishing

March 2009
» March Program: The Freelance Edge

February 2009
» February Program: Food for Thought

January 2009
» January Program: Developmental Editing

November 2008
» November Program: e-Learning

October 2008
» October Program: A Taste of CWIP

September 2008
» 2008 Fall Kickoff: "This Is the Year" with Dominique Raccah

May 2008
» May Program: Iris Waichler Shares Tips for First-Time Authors

April 2008
» April Program: Intellectual Property in a New Media World

March 2008
» March Program: Internet Research Tactics

February 2008
» February Program: Negotiating Freelance Contracts

January 2008
» January Program: But I Don't Speak Production!

November 2007
» November Program: A Taste of CWIP

October 2007
» October Program: Speed Networking
» New Online Membership Feature: Upload your Photo to the Directory

September 2007
» Fall Kickoff: Julia Keller

July 2007
» Books on Film
» StoryStudio Chicago

June 2007
» June Feature: Tools for Freelancers
» Publishing Career Profiles: Production Editor

May 2007
» May Program: Short Story Writer Elizabeth Crane

April 2007
» April Program: A Day in the Life of a Chicago Editor

March 2007
» March Program: Professional Self-Publishing

February 2007
» February Program: A Grant-Writing Primer

January 2007
» January Program: Writing for Magazines

November 2006
» November Program: The ABCs of Style Sheets for Copyeditors

October 2006
» October Program: Lynn Hazan's Advice to Job Seekers

September 2006
» Fall Kickoff: Michele Weldon—A Writer Who Wears Many Hats

July 2006
» CWIPers on the Move

June 2006
» The CWIP Podcast of the January Program: Showcasing Your Work as an Editor

May 2006
» May Program: Wendy McClure
» CWIPers on the Move

April 2006
» April Program: Blogging

March 2006
» March Program: E-Newsletters
» The Advent of the Podcast

February 2006
» February Program: From Brainstorm to Best Seller
» CWIPers on the Move

January 2006
» January Program: Showcasing Your Work as an Editor
» CWIPers on the Move

December 2005
» Wine Tips From the Holiday Party
» November Networking Events
» CWIPers on the Move
» CWIPer Shares Her Experience as a Cabrini Green Tutor
» November Program: Electronic Editing

November 2005
» October Program: Negotiation Strategies to Help Your Career
» CWIPers on the Move

October 2005
» Fall Kickoff: "Challenge Yourself" Urges CWIP President lisa scacco
» CWIPers on the Move

September 2005
» CWIP Member Julie Foreman Exhibits Her Photography in Tuscany
» CWIPers on the Move