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Upcoming CWIP Events:

Saturday, August 2: CWIP Annual Planning Meeting
Join fellow CWIP members and help plan another great year of CWIP! It's time to map out 2014–2015 and bring our best strategies to Chicago's publishing community. We're looking to our vibrant members for your ideas so we can go from plans to action. Breakfast, lunch, and beverages will be provided.

Tuesday, August 5: Literary Trivia Night
Join CWIP for the first annual Summer in the City Literary Trivia Night! Show off your literary knowledge for a chance to win prizes at this FREE event.

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Tell us what CWIP means to you

As part of our 40th anniversary celebration, we want to hear what CWIP has meant to you. How has it helped you in your career? What have you gotten out of it? How have you given back? Please email Kathy Short to tell us what CWIP means to you.


Dear CWIP Members,

It is almost time for officer elections! We're looking for interested members to run for Vice President of Business Development, Treasurer Payables, and Treasurer Receivables. These are important positions as CWIP works to update accounting practices and increase revenue.

The current Executive Committee, Vice President of Strategic Planning, and Secretary are running for reelection, but if you wish to run for one of these positions, you may throw your hat in the ring.

Please take a look at the list of elected board positions. If you'd like more information on a position, please send an e-mail to If you're interested in running for a position, please send an e-mail stating the position you're running for and why you would be a good candidate to Nominees must be current members of Chicago Women in Publishing.


CWIP Nominating Committee

Elected Officer Responsibilities

Executive Committee
Executive Committee divides the tasks between two members. The duties can also be divided between the president and vice president.

Face of CWIP
•  Represent CWIP to the greater publishing community and public.
•  Serve as a leader and mentor within the organization.
•  Attend as many of programs, CWIXers, and parties as possible; serve as spokesperson for the organization at CWIP events, and as questions and opportunities arise.

Monthly Help
•  Plan agendas and lead board meetings.
•  Run steering committee/planning/special meetings.

•  Check on issues that have been discussed at meetings.
•  Coordinate with administrator, Kathy Short.
•  Co-sign checks.
•  Monitor all functional areas of the organization through regular communication with officers and committee chairs.
•  Respond to questions from board/members, settling disputes/making the call on discussions.
•  Make decisions on various issues that come up, often with board or past presidents' input.
•  Approve communications and venue choices.
•  Support the committee chairs.
•  Appoint committee chairs.
•  Fill vacancies during the year, if needed.

Vice President of Strategic Planning
Works with Executive Committee to chart the course of CWIP's future and its growth.
•  Oversees the long-range planning by initiating or supervising projects of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors that will contribute to the growth, visibility, and success of CWIP.
•  Helps conceive and drive new programs and offerings for the organization and our members.

Vice President of Business Development
•  Works with the Executive Committee to improve the financial health of the organization.
•  Oversees fundraising, advertising, corporate sponsorship,  business alliances, contributions, and donations.
•  Works with similar organizations to grow CWIP via partnerships.
•  Solicits sponsors for monthly programs, workshops, and special events.

•  Records the minutes of CWIP Board Meetings and general meetings where business is conducted and reports those minutes in writing to all officers and chairs. The minutes shall be available to the general membership upon request.
•  Maintains the organization's archives and handles correspondence.
•  Removes signers from checking account and provides verification when signers are added to the account.

•  Oversees budgets, keeps records of how CWIP's revenue is expended, and writes checks for bills and costs incurred for all invoices and check requests submitted with receipts or proper itemization.
•  Prepares financial statements in writing to be presented at each board meeting.
•  Works with the Treasurer Receivables to prepare the annual financial statement.
•  Works with the Executive Committee and Treasurer/Receivables to submit the proposed annual budget to the board of directors by October 31.
•  Obtains and files the necessary corporate and tax forms by the required deadlines.

•  Maintains records of the organization's revenues.
•  Makes bank deposits of all moneys received.
•  Prepares financial statements in writing to be presented at each board meeting.
•  Works with the Treasurer/Payables to prepare the annual financial statement.
•  Works with the Executive Committee and Treasurer/Payables to submit the proposed annual budget to the board of directors by October 31.
•  Collects or oversees the collection of money at CWIP meetings and events where fees are charged.
•  Maintains CWIP's petty cash box.

Board Meetings: the first Monday of each month

All Members are welcome to attend Board meetings. Meetings are at 190 S. LaSalle, 40th floor. Meetings start at 6:00 p.m. Please feel free to brown-bag dinner from one of the many nearby restaurants. For security reasons, we need to submit a list of attendees, so if you'd like to attend a particular meeting, please RSVP to Jennifer Hull.

About Regional Networking:

Don't forget to check out our Regional Networking Groups for upcoming meetings.

About CWIP:

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or simply considering a publishing career, CWIP helps you connect with colleagues and achieve greater professional success. Our organization offers education, information, leadership, referrals, support, and networking opportunities that enhance your career, build your business, and foster lasting relationships.

Explore the Web site to learn about upcoming events, industry news, and publishing resources. As a CWIP member, you have access to online job postings through Jobvine, the opportunity to advertise your business in our Freelance Directory, and access to our online Membership Directory. Members also have access to Clips online, a great way to connect with and receive valuable information on Chicago's publishing industry. Members and nonmembers alike can also drop in on the discussions taking place on the CWIP Listserv.

Upcoming 2013-2014 CWIP Events

August 5: Summer in the City Literary Trivia Night

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