CWIP Speakers Bureau

The new CWIP Speakers Bureau features CWIP members who are subject-matter experts and can speak on various topics at professional and public events.

For the Chicago Community:

Libraries, schools, chambers of commerce, and other organizations and companies that want or need to provide specific publishing information to their groups can contact CWIP to request a subject-matter expert who may be available for shorter presentations. Please e-mail Vice President Kim Bookless at to request a speaker on the following topics:

  • Author-editor relationship, Writing coaching
  • Book proposals, Book reviews
  • Careers: Career development/finding your niche, Editorial career paths
  • Editing: Copy editing, Developmental editing for manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction)
  • Freelancing, Managing freelancers
  • Marketing, Personal branding, Leadership
  • Publishing: Audiobook development & production, General, Self-publishing, Cookbook publishing
  • Writing: Copywriting, Journalism/newspapers, Nonfiction, Online research, Screenwriting, Short Fiction

Once we receive a request, we will review the Speakers Bureau list and contact the speakers who best fit the request to determine their availability and let you know. Even if the topic you want is not in the list, we can reach out to our membership and possibly find a subject-matter expert who may be able to meet your request.

CWIP kickoff speaker


For CWIP Members:

If you're a publishing subject-matter expert who feels comfortable making presentations on your topics of expertise, then we urge you to join the new CWIP Speakers Bureau for a number of reasons:

  • The CWIP Speakers Bureau is a member benefit that allows our members to present their topics to new audiences and gain increased exposure.
  • Boost your resume with great public speaking experience!
  • It is a community benefit that will help increase CWIP's visibility and reinforce the organization's importance in the publishing community.

Please send an e-mail to Vice President Kim Bookless at to be placed on the Speakers Bureau roster. Please indicate the subjects on which you are qualified to speak and your availability (such as Monday and Wednesday nights, Saturday mornings, etc.)